[SK Telecom] Big Data Analysis Competition using QGIS and SPSS

Dec. 2014 – Apr. 2015
With Jane Im
In a big data competition organized by SK Telecom (Leading Telco company in South Korea)
Winning team with excellence prize (3rd among over 300 teams)

  • Analyzed GPS, card sales, and social data from card corporation and telco company with clustering, market basket analysis using QGIS, SPSS programs.
  • Based on the insights, proposed a new business ‘F2Camp’ and awarded with 3rd prize among over 300 teams.
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[LINE Messenger] Australia User Research on Mobile Messengers and Stickers

Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
Jun. 2014 – Aug. 2014
With Namho Hong, Semo Ku, and Hani Chang
Organized and funded by LINE messenger and Yonsei Univ. 
Winning team of the uGET competition

  • Planned and executed FGIs to more than 100 prospective users in Australia in English for a month.
  • Derived personas of Australian users and established market penetration strategies.
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[Global Research Competition] Visits to Innovative Companies in Silicon Valley

Jun. 2013 – Aug. 2013
With Jooyeon Lee
Winning Team of the Global Research Competition 
Funded by Yonsei Univ.

  • Proposed a research on investigating innovative factors of Silicon Valley and was selected as a final team for funding.
  • Visited and interviewed UX designers and programmers who work in Apple, Google, Pixar, IDEO, etc. and published a booklet.
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